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Dominic Orlando

Great sites! I noticed that the Oliviero family were the dominant name in San Giovanni in Fiore. Isn't that Bob Tinnell's Italian surname?

Dominic Orlando

I just noticed that it was your post, Bob. Disregard my previous question in third person!

Isn't Oliviero your Italian family name?

Robert Tinnell

You are right, Dom. Only the correct spelling is Oliverio. I'm pretty sure it's the most numerous surname from the town...

Carol Heppner

Part of my family still lives in SGF and many of those families lost men in that disaster.

Carol Heppner

Pasquale Guido

I am returning to San Giovanni after a trip with my father in 1997.

Giovanni Guido(a)died in November of 2007.

I am related to Lucia Oliverio; aunt/cousin of Giovanni.

I'm looking for someone who speaks English in SG during our trip in Oct 08.

Any help would be appreciated.

Pasquale Guido
California, USA

Timothy Marasco

My family came out of SGF ... surname Marra - grandmother was an Audia. My father was born in WVA but the family moved to SW Pennsylvania in the late 1920's. Thanks for dredging up some old but pleasant memories.

Maria Kelly

My grandfather Salvatore Pusterara who was given the name Samuel Poster on his entry to Ellis Island came from SGF when he was 18 yrs old to Fairmont, WVA and worked in the coal mines. I knew he had one sister. I have moved to Bucks Co PA and would appreciate any info on the family if there are any left. Maria Poster Kelly

Angela Marra

My family came from SGF as Well, and our surname is also Marra, and we are related to some Audias. We are also Durante and Aiello and Spadafore. I live in Canada.
I didn't realize that so many San Giovanazies ended up in the States.
If we went far enough we would probably find that some of us are distant cousins.
It seems that Italian americans face some pressure to Americanize their surnames.

William Barley

My grandfather immigrated from SGF to WVA in 1900, returned to Italy in 1904, and returned again to the US in 1906 to stay. His surname was Luigi Barile (or Barille sp). My grandfather's mother's maiden name was Filomena Oliverio. My grandmother was oringinally Filomena Provenzola or Provenzolle (sp)? Do you know anything about any of these surnames and families in San Giovanni in Fiore?

Thank you for any help you may provide.

Bill Barley

Bess Poster Fox

My grandfather's name was Samuel Poster and from PA but we are of German decent I believe.

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