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  • "All I wanted to do was write a little romantic comedy about my family cooking fish on Christmas Eve. Little did I know what I'd unleashed - an acclaimed graphic novel, a festival, a movie - and now a blog - dedicated to keeping the traditions of our Italian ancestors alive..."
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i hate this its nasty


These were my favorite at Christmas time growing up. Just seeing these cookies can always take me back!

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thank you .


nice find & already tried the recipe.. btw didn't know that "a Christmas celebration is not complete without the pizzelle." guess here in germany things are different..
ps "learn about our book" doesn't lead anywhere


how many pizzelle's will those ingredients make

marie mignarri rodriguez

your right not a holiday....christening, baby shower...ect...without them...and there delious


Thanks for the information!!!!!!!

Anna Mari

I know that pizza is very popular in Australia ( watch here ), because there are many people of Italian origin. Typically Italian varieties of pizzas are always available, but there is also an Australian pizza australiana, which usually has a base with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese with bacon and egg. This pizza is also sometimes used shrimp. I rekkomenduyu all to try this pizza.


My mother-in-law made these year-round, with more at Christmas. We don't use the baking powder, so I'll try that.
Also, she used anise flavoring instead of the fennel seeds. Last year my daughter rolled them up when they were warm, and stuffed them with sweetened ricotta, garnishing them with shaved chocolate and powdered sugar. Delicious dessert cannolis!

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