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  • "All I wanted to do was write a little romantic comedy about my family cooking fish on Christmas Eve. Little did I know what I'd unleashed - an acclaimed graphic novel, a festival, a movie - and now a blog - dedicated to keeping the traditions of our Italian ancestors alive..."
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Twice Baked Twins

Hi, we are Judy and Joy the "Twice Baked Twins" and are Italian. We are writing our first cookbook and the nite of the seven fishes (which we grew up with) is one of our recipes in the book. We have enjoyed this blog so much!!! Please get back us!! I need to keep reading. Our website is

Marcia Ceciliot

I just came back from Sicily - visiting my son over the holidays. I had the fried smelts over there. Oh my gosh - so good. I bought some to make at home. I think the recipe is just about the same.

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