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  • "All I wanted to do was write a little romantic comedy about my family cooking fish on Christmas Eve. Little did I know what I'd unleashed - an acclaimed graphic novel, a festival, a movie - and now a blog - dedicated to keeping the traditions of our Italian ancestors alive..."
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I can't wait to try to make this recipe. They look so delicious!

James Smith

Its a Great Recipe found here....
Really, Its very Simple but sweet recipe. I like it very much....

Thanks very much for sharing.

James Smith,NY


Oh, this picture looks sooooooooo tasty! I want it now! =)
Chocolate toffee biscotti is the best thing I've ever seen.


I love to cook all sorts of goodies. After I read your post and decided to do as well, my girlfriend looked at me with adoring eyes - she obviously did not expect this from me! And I would again like to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for the post, please write more!


Oh..these cookies look yummy...since it's Christmas time I just might ask my wife to make these (will let you know how it goes :) ). And also I wanted to say and encourage everone here to make their own cookies..cause bought cookies from the supermarkets or whatever can never taste as good as the home-made stuff!!

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