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  • "All I wanted to do was write a little romantic comedy about my family cooking fish on Christmas Eve. Little did I know what I'd unleashed - an acclaimed graphic novel, a festival, a movie - and now a blog - dedicated to keeping the traditions of our Italian ancestors alive..."
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Sounds delicious. Not healthy. Delicious.


Does anyone out there have a recipe for honey balls? My Mom use to make them every year for Christmas. She passed away suddenly last May and I never got the recipe.


Michelle -
I assume you're looking for a recipe for Strufoli. This looks like a good one:


Looking for a recipe for minced garlic and parsley stuffed rib roast?

Deb Hutchison

My Grandmother came to West Virginia from Calabria. My Grandfather worked in the coal mines. I'm not sure how the tradition started, but my Mom learned it from her Mom made pepperoni rolls often. I now make them only at Christmas. I wrap the pepperoni with a piece of roasted pepper with a nice bread dough and bake. It is yummy and convenient to have as a treat when company comes (especially with a side dish of sauce). The best part of making this fun treat are the memories of my family and of tradition. The informaiton regarding the coal mines and lunch makes so much sense now as a convenient lunch for a miner. Thanks for the information.

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